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50 Holiday Gifts Under $50 for Everyone in Your Life

Don’t worry, this isn’t a socks-and-candles type of list.
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Great gifts don’t have to cost a fortune. Rather, the main criteria for a great gift is almost solely dependent upon truly knowing the recipient. A little thought can go a long way. Whether they’re a nature lover, a reigning game-night champion or a master of self-care, we’ve rounded up some top picks for gifts that are all under $50 and perfect for everyone in your life.

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For the Practical Person

Truly useful gifts always take the cake. For the people in your life who are constantly on the go or are simply fed up with receiving items that gather dust on a shelf, these are our top suggestions. We guarantee they’ll be well used.

AirfFy Wireless Adapter ($34.99)

This wireless adapter lets you use wireless earbuds or headphones in places that only have a headphone jack. Gone are the days of wireless earbuds limiting plane ride movie watching capabilities.

Away Travel The Insider Packing Cubes ($45)

These packing cubes are a must-have for any frequent traveler. Designed to fit perfectly in luggage, this set of four packing cubes features a mesh panel, minimizing the hunt for a specific item in your suitcase.

Tile Pro (2022) ($34.99)

This one is for the serial misplacer in your life. The Tile Pro is a durable bluetooth tracker made for keeping track of nearly anything. Used with the Tile App, you can locate an item attached to the Tile via a loud ringing sound. I can’t even count the number of times I have used my Tile to find my wallet or keys when I am rushing out of the door.

Mark & Graham Leather Charger Roll Up ($39)

There is nothing worse than having to untangle cords. This leather charger roll up is the perfect on-the-go organizer for any and all small essentials. Add a monogram for a touch of personalization to this gift.

Verilux HappyLight  Liberty Compact ($29.99)

Everyone needs a happy light in their life, especially as the days become shorter and schedules become busier. Offering a UV-free supplement to natural sunlight, this light therapy box is proven to contribute to increased energy levels, improved sleep patterns and an overall lift in well-being and mood.

Birdie Alarm ($29.95)

Nothing says you care like giving the gift of safety. Birdie Alarms are some of the best (and most stylish) personal safety alarms out there with a loud alarm and flashing strobe light designed to deter an attack. Available in more than 10 colors, it’s the addition your keychain has been waiting for. 

JBL Portable Waterproof Speaker ($29.99)

Don’t let the price or size of this speaker fool you– it’s one of the best I’ve used. It’s the perfect size to bring anywhere and is surprisingly loud. The charge lasts for what seems like days and whoever is lucky enough to receive this will find themselves on aux at all upcoming events.

Baboon To The Moon Sling Bag ($49)

Baboon to the Moon makes durable lightweight bags designed to keep up with all of life’s adventures. Available in a handful of lively colors, this is a great gift for someone of any age. It’s like a fanny pack’s cooler, older cousin, if you will.

Victronix Swiss Card Classic ($43.99)

You’ve probably heard of a Swiss Army knife, but have you heard of the Swiss Card? Designed to fit in a wallet, it has 10 functions ranging from scissors to a ballpoint pen to tweezers to a screwdriver and more. Whoever gets this will be surprised at how often they’re reaching for one of the tools tucked inside.

USB Candle Lighter & Flashlight ($45)

This multipurpose lighter/flashlight is perfect for candles, campfires, barbecues or even when the power goes out–you name it. With up to 1,000 lights per charge, no one will be left in the dark again.

For the Foodie

We all know them: they spend their free time scouring the internet for coveted reservations, their version of an easy weeknight dinner is vastly different from most (aka heating up takeout leftovers), and they are arguably the best company to have around holidays and birthdays because you are guaranteed some top-notch sustenance. 

TRUFF Hot Sauce Bundle Pack ($34.19)

Hot sauce and truffles are two of the finer things in life, and TRUFF has managed to marry the two in a heat-packing harmony. This bundle pack includes TRUFF’s original hot sauce accompanied by its slightly hotter companion. Both sauces are made from a curated blend of chili peppers and black truffle, providing a delectable balance of the two flavors.

Basil Garden Jar ($19.99)

The food lovers in your life surely know that herbs can take a dish from good to great. However, many people have limited gardening capabilities. Using a passive hydroponic system, the Basil Garden Jar is the answer to this problem. Plant the provided seeds, fill up the water reservoir, find a sunny spot for it to call home, and the foodie in your life will be on their way to having restaurant grade caprese in no time.

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank ($30)

Now is the time to introduce someone in your life to the art of Himalayan salt block grilling. Himalayan salt acts as a natural nonstick surface (perfect for searing meat) and distributes heat evenly throughout the entire cooking surface. Plus, the mineral contents in the Himalayan salt provides a more flavorful taste than your run of the mill table salt. Five stars for presentation, too.

Le Creuset Stoneware Mini Round Cocotte ($22)

Everything tastes better in Le Creuset stoneware. This mini cocotte is an individual serving size dreams are made of. The only debate here is whether to make pot pie or apple cobbler first. 

Graza "Drizzle" & "Sizzle" Extra Virgin Olive Oil Set ($31.50)

Before you knock olive oil as a gift, hear us out. Not only does this set deserve a permanent home in the kitchen purely for its countertop appeal, but also this is some of the best olive oil out there. “Sizzle” is intended for use as a cooking oil due to its smooth flavor and higher smoke point, while “Drizzle” is best used as a finishing oil, bringing more flavor than we knew olive oil was capable of adding.

Amber Lewis For Anthropologie Cheese Knives, Set of 3 ($48)

Handcrafted, this stainless steel and hardwood set is great for those who appreciate an artisanal touch. Brie-live us when we say this elevates any charcuterie spread.

Honey Can Do Round Pizza Stone ($39.99)

Every pizza connoisseur knows that a great homemade pie is only as good as the pizza stone. This cordierite 16-inch stone ensures crispy crusts and eliminates soggy centers.

For the Game Night Enthusiast

It’s hard not to love games—they’re entertaining, they bring people together, and they are nostalgic. However, we all know game lovers who take this common appreciation to the next level. Check out our picks sure to be added to the next game night’s rotation.

We're Not Really Strangers Card Game ($30)

A purpose-driven card game, We’re Not Really Strangers has three levels of carefully curated questions focused on empowering meaningful connections. Whether someone plays with someone they’ve known for 10 years or two hours, this game could kickstart just the bond someone needs.

Piecework Puzzle ($38)

Piecework Puzzles win the gold when it comes to aesthetics. The brand describes itself as “an antidote to obsessive work culture and addiction to screens,” something we can all relate to in one way or another. The cutest and most creative puzzle designs we’ve ever seen make these the perfect reminder to enjoy the simple things in life and take things slow. They also serve as the perfect wall art, so you’re basically giving two gifts in one.

Jonathan Adler Harlequin 2-IN-1 Game Set ($25)

This 2-in-1 game set might as well double as room decor. The hinged box allows for easy transport (when it’s not your week to host game night) and has both backgammon and checkers boards.

Vintage Bookshelf Edition Board Games ($39)

Another game well disguised when not in use, these vintage bookshelf edition board games feature the classic game boards you know and love with a different, charming look.

SUNNYLiFE Play on Table Tennis ($49)

Personally, we think it is a crime to turn down a table tennis match.

Stumbling Blocks Game ($25)

Think adult Jenga. With 30 block pieces decorated with various sayings and four shot glasses, this is a fun twist on the traditionally precarious game.

Masquerade Ball/ Carnival Murder Mystery Host Your Own Game Kit ($34.55)

Picture this: All of your closest friends in one place, but one is guilty of murder (at least for the night). Who did it? This game kit is perfect for the mystery junkies in your life. It provides everything needed to become a real-life sleuth, from setting the scene to puzzling clues to dramatic characters. And, it’s an incredible excuse to dress up.

For the Homebody

There really is no place like home. For those in your life who value quality recoup time and treasure their cozy moments walled up at home, these gift ideas are guaranteed to elevate their ambiance.

Le Labo Signature Detergent ($50)

The Laundress and Le Labo united to create the most sophisticated laundry detergent on the market. Give the gift of looking forward to laundry day.

Avocado Vase ($48)

Avocado toast most definitely tastes best with a homegrown avocado. The Ilex Studio vase is specifically designed to fit an avocado pit while giving an up-close look at the plant’s roots system and growth process. 

Quince Organic Turkish Waffle Robe ($49.90)

Woven from 100% organic Turkish cotton, this is the quintessential robe for those who take lounging around seriously.

Matilda Goad & Co. Cocktail Napkins, Set of 4 ($28)

These thoughtfully designed cocktail napkins will not only enliven any space, with their art deco prints and characteristic scalloping of Matilda Goad & Co., but are also machine washable, ensuring endless use.

HAY Facade Herb Pot ($49)

Plants are scientifically proven to benefit an indoor space, especially when they live in a terracotta-ridged pot like this. Danish design studios COBE and KILO Design merged to create this simplistically beautiful piece that is a timeless addition to anyone’s home.

Studio Arhoj Sip Cup (€ 24.00)

Danish design brand Studio Arhoj is a must-know destination for all things ceramic. Their sip cups in particular are the perfect glass for morning tea or an evening espresso. Hand-cast and glazed in porcelain, they come in an endless array of colors and designs. I love mine so much that I continue to expand my collection, with no end in sight.

New York Times 36 Hours: Europe 3rd Edition Coffee Table Book ($40)

Coffee table books make the perfect gift for numerous reasons: they enhance a home, act as self-expression and entertain. The New York Times 36 Hours: Europe 3rd Edition offers expert European itineraries, showcasing some best-kept travel secrets and insider tips for a memorable trip. Whether you know someone who is planning a pilgrimage or loves to daydream of traveling, this is a great read.

AWE Recyled Glass Water Carafe ($45)

Give the gift of hydration. It’s never a bad idea to drink a glass of water, especially when it's always on hand in this beautiful recycled glass carafe.

Wickman Candle Care Set ($24)

Candles need care, too. This set possesses everything needed to ensure the longevity of your favorite candle.

For the Wellness Guru

Everyone deserves some more wellness in their life. Giving someone a gift to help prioritize their well-being is one of the best ways to show just how much you care.

Nécessaire The Body Ritual ($45)

This set has four hypoallergenic products that exfoliate, cleanse, replenish and moisturize the body. Who doesn’t want that?

BINU BINU  Seascape Incense ($40)

This incense comes in a wooden box wrapped in traditional Hanji-style paper, making it a lovely gift that wafts warm sandalwood and musk.

Kanjo Heat Therapy Acupressure Pillow ($40)

We’ve never met someone who doesn’t love a heating pad, let alone an acupressure heated pillow. Used to alleviate leg, neck and stomach pain, give this to the person in your life who could always use some more relaxation.

Wilde House Paper Day & Night Journal Set ($48)

Journals may be one of the most meaningful gifts you can give, showing thoughtfulness and care that some others don’t quite offer. This set of journals is a great way to start and finish the day, by providing a space to set intentions and reflect routinely.

Ghia Non-Alcoholic Apéritif ($38)

Ghia uses botanicals and herbals to concoct a non-alcoholic apéritif that stimulates and soothes with each sip. Promising to calm the mind while providing steady energy, this Mediterranean-inspired drink has gained a cult following.

Linen Aromatherapy Eye Pillow ($33)

Share some tranquility with this soothing eye pillow. Created to softly engage acupressure points, facial tension melts away as the muscles around the eyes relax during use.

Dermstore Collection Set of Two Ice Globes ($18)

If you’re looking to impress a skincare connoisseur, these will do it. Made to be placed in the refrigerator, the globes alleviate inflammation while simultaneously massaging the face.

Bala Hourglass Foam Roller ($49)

Yogi or not, this foam roller is perfect for stretching and unwinding pent up tension.

Kate McLeod Grounding Body Stone ($45)

You’ll be doing someone a favor by introducing them to this moisturizing body stone. It quickly melts into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth, minus all the annoying residue and rubbing in that traditional body lotion entails.

Bare The Hands Dry Gloss Manicure Kit ($42)

This at-home nailcare kit is a game changer. If you know someone who loves having clean and refreshed nails but avoids taking a trip to the salon at all costs, this will answer their prayers. The cuticle oil smells fantastic and the buffer tool works wonders to reveal a smooth and bright nail bed.

For the Outdoorsy

A great gift for nature lovers should fuel adventure and enhance their time spent outside. For those in your life who appreciate some fresh air more than average, check out our eight picks guaranteed to do just that.

UpWest Travel Hammock ($46)

Whether they’re an avid hiker, camper or sporting event attendee, this compactable hammock will come in handy.

Letterfolk Hike Passport ($10)

With 20 entry logs, this passport makes sure no hiking memory is left behind. Each log page is partnered with a blank page, perfect for sketches, photos or other important notes and memories.

West Path Surfer Gift Kit ($49)

This travel kit containing surf wax, sunscreen, lip balm, a surf tool wax comb and room for fins will come in handy every surf session.

Womanswork Heirloom Garden Arm Savers ($38)

Anyone with a green thumb needs a trusty pair of gloves to protect their hands as they conquer weeds in the garden. This adorable pair is made from lightweight cotton and twill, with synthetic leather palms. Womanswork is a woman-owned business, having made gardening supplies in the U.S. for more than 30 years.

DryGuy Travel Boot Dryer ($40)

Combining convention drying technology with forced air, this travel boot dryer rids any moisture accumulated from a day on the slopes.

GSI Outdoor Gourmet Kitchen Set 11 ($44.95)

Cooking food while camping is an exciting test of one’s culinary skills. It’s a great time to play around with crafty dishes since you’re working with limited tools and unreliable conditions. This 11-piece kitchen set has everything needed to prepare a top-notch meal to be enjoyed around the fire.

Life is Good Tee ($29.50)

Life is Good is one of my all-time favorite brands. Founded in 1994, the brand is known for their optimistic T-shirts and hats, trademarked with their infamous smiling stick figure, usually accompanied by a witty phrase. Their shirts are made of thick, high-quality material and last forever. 

Brown Mini Gold Club Bag ($49.50)

Impress the golf fanatic in your life. The mini bag features three golf balls, five tees and a divot repair tool.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a little something too. After all, we all deserve a little gift now and again.