Brenna Huckaby Is Reintroducing Herself in 2023: ‘I’m a Work in Progress'

The Paralympic snowboarder is known for her inspiring messages and words of wisdom.
Brenna Huckaby.

Brenna Huckaby.

New year, new Brenna Huckaby. The three-time Paralympic gold medalist shared a post on Instagram, explaining how she is “reintroducing” herself.

“Hi! I’m Brenna,” she began. “While I’ve worked so hard to love myself and while I do, I also find myself questioning if I’m good enough in many aspects of my life. The feeling of being worthy flows in and out for me, and logically I know I am enough. I just have to keep finding it.”

The snowboarder has a knack for inspirational messages and sharing words of wisdom with her online followers.

“I have big dreams about being a keynote speaker. It took me a few years to come to the realization of the goal, and now that it’s here I am excited for the day it happens,” Huckaby continued. “I love alternative fashion and I don’t wear it because it intimidates me. I’m addicted to coffee because of the routine and warmth it brings. I stopped drinking in September and it was the best gift I could’ve given myself.”

The mom of two added that when she eats a high-carb diet, she’s “a mess.”

“I reached a massive goal of mine when I was 22 and I find it hard to live up to those expectations for myself,” the 26-year-old wrote. “I often lay awake at night worried I am not a good enough mom for my girls and I am doing my absolute best. Snowboarding has brought me so much freedom after my disability and it has been a place to share that with my family.”

On a lighter note, Huckaby shared that her favorite color is purple, but blue is a close second.

The pro athlete knows she’s her harshest critic and is at peace with being a “work in progress.” She noted that having compassion for herself is something she is working on.

“My life isn’t black and white. There’s so much grey and I am sure it’s like that for you, too,” Huckaby finished. “You’re more than a box to check, embrace the complexities of being. There’s a lot of freedom there 🖤.”

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