Gabriella Halikas Just Provided the Best Motivational Pep Talk

The ‘CEO of confidence’ is back with some inspirational words of wisdom.
Gabriella Halikas

Gabriella Halikas.

Gabriella Halikas, the self-proclaimed “CEO of confidence,” shared an inspirational message with her Instagram and TikTok followers on Tuesday that we think is definitely worth spreading far and wide.

“No one’s gonna do it for you,” the 2021 Swim Search finalist stated. “No one is gonna do it for you. Your dream, your dream career, your dream body, your dream car, your dream life, whatever you want in life, no one’s gonna do it for you. You have to do it for you. You have to put the work in.”

Halikas then went on to share a personal anecdote about passively waiting for her dreams to come true before taking charge of her own future.

“No one’s gonna knock on the door and come save you, no one’s gonna knock on the door and give you this dream career or all this money will land in your lap to start this business that you’ve been wanting to start,” she noted. “And that was a hard pill for me to swallow, because I just thought good things happen and if I work hard, it should all work out. No, you gotta work for what you want, and no one cares more about your dreams or works harder for your dreams than you will.”

Many of the model and influencer’s followers on both platforms clearly resonated with the message, as plenty chimed in to the comments section with feedback.

“Amen 💙🤞,” one fan applauded on IG. “We all need this reminder every now and then!”

“Amen,” someone else concurred. “True words for anything in life worth having. Nobody is gonna do better for you than YOU. So go out and get your life and your dreams!”

“Well said 👏,” another user applauded. “this scares people sometimes but once you start making it happen for you nobody can tell you nothing!”

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