Georgina Burke Wants to Use Her Platform to Mentor Young Women: ‘You Are a Product of Your Environment’

The two-time SI Swimsuit model said her DMs are always open to offer advice or moral support.
Georgina Burke.

Georgina Burke.

Australian model Georgina Burke made her SI Swimsuit debut last year and returned to the magazine to be photographed by Ben Watts in Puerto Rico for the 2023 issue. She recently appeared on a segment of Channel 7’s The Morning Show to talk about her SI Swimsuit features and also opened up about her experience being bullied as a child.

“Tune into yourself. I am a big advocate for taking care of yourself and your mental wellness. It took me so many years and, obviously, it’s still a work in progress, but it’s really [about] surrounding yourself with great people,” she said regarding the advice she has for any young girls watching. “You are a product of your environment, and bullies need to stop, like I just wish there was a way it could just end.”

The Burke NYC founder added that she feels lucky to have grown up in an age without social media.

“Now I feel even worse for these kids that it goes not just to the kids in their school, it goes to a huge wide audience,” the 32-year-old continued. “So I just think stay true to yourself, surround yourself with great people and look for help. Honestly, my inbox [is open], you can always message me, DM me. I’ve helped [before] and I really want to start mentoring young women because I think that’s so important. I’ve lived it and I get this awesome platform with my job and I wish I had that to look up to.”

Reporter Kylie Gillies congratulated Burke on everything she has accomplished and described her as a true role model.

“So lovely to interview you. Kicking major goals on the international stage @missgeoburke AND plus size may be an industry term, but it looks to me you’re living a wonderful life ON YOUR OWN TERMS,” she commented on a snippet of the news clip posted on Instagram. “Well done. 🙌.”

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