Kelly Hughes Shares Important Body-Positive Reminder for Fellow Moms

The 2022 SI Swimsuit model is a proud mother of one.
Kelly Hughes

Kelly Hughes.

In order to celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday, 2022 SI Swimsuit model Kelly Hughes issued a body positive reminder for mothers.

In her March 8 Instagram post, Hughes modeled a swimsuit as two options appeared above her head on screen: “Loving your body, investing in yourself, proud of your scars and thriving in all you do,” along with “Ashamed of your body, hiding your imperfections, never feeling good enough.”

After touching her stomach and nodding, the mom of one looked up and pointed up at the first prompt to note her acceptance.

“For all we do and for all we have been through, the children we have birthed and raised, for every stretch mark, scar, and imperfection we celebrate it all today because without women well let’s just say this world would fall apart 😂,” Hughes wrote in her caption. “So instead of seeing our imperfections let’s celebrate them and our accomplishments because it’s not easy being a woman! To think we weren’t even allowed to sit on a jury or buy our own home or even have a cc till the mid 1970’s is shocking 😳 keep fighting for what’s right and love on yourself and support each other!!”

Plenty of the HÜES brand founder’s 60,800 followers chimed in to the comments section with praise.

“Love this @kellyhues you are such a light of inspo 💛,” one person wrote. “happy international women's day!”

“We couldn’t agree more 🖤,” the official Peixoto swimwear IG account added. “Happy international women’s day, confidence looks beautiful on you!”

Cara O’Bleness


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