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Lindsay Lohan Preaches Self-Love in Adorable ‘Conversation With Little Me’

The ‘Parent Trap’ actress posted an adorable reel featuring a chat with her younger self.
Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan is making her fans reminisce about the good old Parent Trap days. The Falling for Christmas star posted a “Conversations with Little Me” reel on Instagram on Jan. 5, hitting her 12 million followers with a wave of nostalgia.

The video features pictures of a young Lohan asking questions, followed by recent snaps of the 36-year-old responding to her child self.

“Do I like my red hair?” the screen read. The response: “Yes, I love my red hair!”

“What about my freckles?” was the next question. “They used to make me uncomfortable as a kid but now I realize how beautiful they are,” an older Lohan appeared on the screen to answer ’90s versions of Annie James and Hallie Parker.

Lohan continued to confirm that she’s now a model “when glam arrives” and still enjoys playing dress-up and being girly.

“Do we still dance?” young Lohan asked. “I dance to celebrate life,” she confirmed, along with a video of herself in a bright pink outfit busting out some moves on the street.

“Am I still close with my siblings?” the screen read. Lohan has three younger siblings, Aliana, Michael and Cody. 

“We’re best friends,” she gushed alongside a photo of the four of them. “We love to laugh and spend time together.”

Young Lohan asked if she was a “Daddy’s girl or Mommy’s girl?” and an older Lohan confirmed that she loves both her father Michael Lohan and mother Dina Lohan equally.

“Am I still smiling?” Lohan finished. “Life is beautiful & I’m so grateful for my husband, family & everything life brings.”

Lohan and her husband Bader Shammas got married last July after dating for three years.

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