Paulina Porizkova Says Middle Age Is When ‘We’re at Our Best’

We couldn’t agree more with the model, who just took home a ‘USA Today’ Women of the Year award.
Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova.

Paulina Porizkova is tired of the idea that older women should “stay out of view.” Past the age of 50, she said on a recent episode of TODAY, women are no longer treated as though they’re useful—and that narrative doesn’t sit right with her.

It’s one that she’s been seeking to change for years now, and it was her efforts to do so that gained her USA Today’s Women of the Year honors. According to the supermodel, this sort of attitude toward older women is “absolutely not fair” because all of the women around her age “are at their best.” 

“We’ve raised the kids, we’ve been married, we did everything we were supposed to do—we were taking care of everything,” she said of being middle-aged. “Now finally we have a little time to ourselves, and we have all of these skills that we learned.”

For most women, it should be a time to flex the important organizational and introspective skills they learned over time. After all, “we’re out our best in our middle age,” Porizkova asserted. “And that’s when we’re put out to pasture? Well, that I find highly unfair.”

“I’m in my prime now,” she said on TODAY. We couldn’t agree more. With Porizkova’s recent USA Today accolade to add to her growing list of achievements, there is no doubt that the 58-year-old is doing more than fine. In fact, she’s absolutely thriving and wants to give other women in middle age the chance to feel that, too.

Martha Zaytoun


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