Supermodel Iman Shares How She Embraces Aging at 67

The multihyphenate is on the cover of the January 2023 edition of ‘British Vogue.’


Legendary supermodel Iman opened up to British Vogue in the publication’s January 2023 cover story, chatting about everything from her upbringing to her grief following the passing of her husband, David Bowie, to her views on aging.

Iman, who was born in Somalia and spent much of her childhood in Egypt, told the publication that America’s obsession with youth is “a very Western mentality.”

“I come from Africa, we celebrate getting older. A friend was telling me there’s been a rise in cosmetic surgery, all because [people] have been looking at themselves in Zoom meetings,” the 67-year-old continued. “I’m like, ‘If you are worried about that, just put the camera up [so it’s tilted down on your face], for God’s sake!’ This really is a mentality rooted in the West. For me, it has never been a problem.”

The Iman Cosmetics CEO and founder also spoke about Bowie, whom she was married to for 24 years until his death in January 2016.

In the interview, Iman adamantly states that she never refers to the “Heroes” singer as her “late” husband.

“I don’t mind at all being referred to as ‘David Bowie’s wife.’ But I always remind people that I existed before I met him,” she said. “And he was also very particular. He never introduced me by saying, ‘Meet my wife.’ He’d always say, ‘Meet Iman, my wife.’ So we both already had our own identity. We were separate but together.”

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