Who Paige Spiranac Credits With Helping Her Feel Comfortable in Her Own Skin

The golf instructor wears what she feels best in, regardless of public opinion.
Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac.

Earlier this week, Paige Spiranac spoke with Sports Illustrated at the New York Stock Exchange, where she discussed everything from content creation to her casual athleisure on the golf course. 

While Spiranac’s wardrobe choices are often a topic of conversation on the internet, the 30-year-old influencer revealed that her fashion choices stem from her time as a gymnast. When she switched from gymnastics to golfing as a teenager, Spiranac didn’t have the option of purchasing an entirely new wardrobe. Instead, she just wore the workout clothes that were already in her closet.

After the interview was released on Tuesday, Spiranac provided additional commentary on the matter on her Instagram story. She noted that she simply wears what she feels most comfortable and confident in, which is something she learned from her mother.

“Fun fact my mother was a professional ballet dancer and modeled after,” the one-time SI Swimsuit model wrote across a black-and-white photo of her mom, Annette. “We both grew up wearing leotards and she raised me to feel comfortable in my skin.”

The golf instructor regularly shares social media content on the green in micro athleisure dresses, cute mini skirts paired with tiny tops and more.

“I was never told what I could or couldn’t wear,” Spiranac continued. “They only cared about who I was on the inside and how I treated other people. Not everyone has the same beliefs or personal style and that’s okay! Wear what makes you feel confident 🔥.”

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