7 Last-Minute Costumes You Can Make With Items Already In Your Closet

It’s easier than you think to find a creative look for Halloween.

Don’t stress if you haven’t had a chance yet to get an elaborate costume together for Halloween—we’ve got you covered this spooky season. That’s because everything you need is available in your closet. Scroll down to get some ideas for some last-minute costumes you can make with items already in-house. These eight ideas will have you all dressed up in no time.

Rosie the Riveter

The feminist queen is a universal sign of female empowerment. Slip on your denim jacket and jeans, and grab any bandana you have lying around the house. Lift your arms 90 degrees and show us those biceps. You’ve got yourself a timeless costume.


You really only need a tie-dye shirt and some shades for this one. Grab your guitar, long necklaces and free spirit, and float on into Halloween without a care in the world. Peace and love, my friends.

Ice Cream Cone

Get that tutu or puffy skirt you never wear out from the back of your closet. Now’s your chance to use it (finally!). Put on a white shirt and grab some popsicle sticks. Color the popsicle sticks and tape them all around the white shirt as sprinkles.

Harry Styles as Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz

Everyone’s favorite pop star dressed up as everyone’s favorite movie’s main character. You can too! Get out a blue plaid shirt or skirt and some red leggings, and you’ll be traveling to Oz.

Dude with Sign

Honestly, you just need a sign. Write whatever you want on the sign. It’s cool…you’ll be a social media sensation in no time.

Ted Lasso

Grab one of those delicious biscuits Ted always brings to his boss, draw on a mustache and put on that visor you never wear. Wear any coat in your closet and add a whistle if you got one, and you’re one of the most likable guys on TV.

Olivia Rodrigo

She’s currently one of the most famous musicians in the world. Her album cover might be the easiest ever to recreate for Halloween. You just need some stickers…case in point.