Alex Morgan’s ‘Year of ’Fits’ Recap Proves Her Pre-Game Looks Never Disappoint

Before donning her jersey and cleats, the athlete made sure to step out on the pitch in her best sporty chic style.
Alex Morgan waves to the crowd ahead of a USWNT match.

Alex Morgan.

Alex Morgan’s skill in a soccer jersey is indisputable. We all know just how good she is on the pitch. But what you may not know is just how skilled she is off the field in the realm of fashion.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Morgan knows how to dress. And she’s constantly proving as much, too. This past NWSL season saw much in the way of incredible play from the soccer veteran and the rest of her teammates, who collectively carried San Diego Wave FC to the best regular season record in the league and its first NWSL Shield in franchise history. But it also saw much in the way of good fashion from the star striker.

Though we’ve done our own recap of the athlete’s 2023 fashion, it never hurts to have further examples of her ability to dress—and her distinctly sporty chic style. Morgan’s own review of this year’s outfits featured a handful of her pre-game styles, and the outfits that she wore to greet her fans before switching into her jersey and cleats. 

The looks were all distinct, but they all adhered to the same style and formula: a pair of pants (denim or otherwise), an athletic, but chic top (think jersey or a fitted crop) and a pair of sneakers (white, pink and bright blue were common themes).

The key to Morgan’s success on the field is obviously her immense athletic talent. But we won’t say that her great sense of style isn’t a good luck charm.

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Martha Zaytoun


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