This Is the Bright Manicure That Is Getting Genie Bouchard Through the Long Winter Months

She has the right idea when it comes to seasonal nails.
Genie Bouchard

Genie Bouchard.

We all have those few things that get us through the winter. We have the (indoor) activities that we lean on and the friends that we consistently make an effort to see despite the cold or the snow. We also have bright decor that makes the gray days a little more vibrant.

Though we may typically associate winter fashion with dark and moody tones, sometimes we opt for vibrant hues in the hopes that the weather—and our moods—follow suit. And, often, if not the weather, at least our mindset receives a little boost from the effort.

For Canadian tennis pro Genie Bouchard, her trick comes in the form of a nail polish bottle. She might be (like many of us) drawn to the darker fashion tones of January and February, but where her manicure is concerned, she can’t be bothered with adopting anything moody.

She’s not sporting black nails this season, nor is she buying into the brown tones that have swept beauty trends of late. She’s going for something bright and vibrant—and we approve. Bouchard is currently at the annual X Games competition in Aspen, Colo., and while she may be wearing black clothing, her nails tell a different story.

She showed up at the event with a manicure in the brightest shade of red that we’ve seen yet this winter. At this point, we’re not unaccustomed to red nails. The manicure has been in vogue for months. But Bouchard’s tomato red take on the style has us wanting to book a nail salon appointment as soon as possible.

If the winter is bound to bring gray days, the least we can do is sport vibrant nails, right?

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Martha Zaytoun


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