Christen Harper’s Favorite Dry Shampoo Is 20% Off on Amazon Today

Refresh your second-day hair with this SI Swimsuit model-approved pick.
Christen Harper

Christen Harper.

We all want model-worthy locks, so we’re always thrilled whenever SI Swimsuit talent let us in on their beauty secrets. Over the summer, Christen Harper revealed the 10 items that she always has in her bag, no matter where she is, and one of those hair care products is on sale during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days.

Whether she wears it down or in a casual up-do, the 2022 co-Rookie of the Year’s dark chestnut locks are always voluminous and lush, and it appears that ACT+ACRE’s plant-based dry shampoo is to thank for keeping her blowout looking fresh.

ACT+ ACRE Plant-Based Fulvic Acid Volumizing Dry Shampoo, $19.20 (

The plant-based dry shampoo works to combat oil at the roots while also refreshing hair and providing a boost of volume. Fans note that it’s particularly great for dark hair colors, such as Harper’s, as it doesn’t leave a white reside, as many dry shampoos are prone to do. So, if you’re in the market for a new dry shampoo, be sure to add Harper’s go-to to your Amazon cart today, while it’s currently 20% off.

Other must-have items in Harper’s handbag include a neutral lip liner, hydrating hand cream, classic black sunglasses, healthy snacks, an eyelash curler and more. Shop them all



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