Drew Barrymore Shares Hack for Relatable Fashion Blunder

The actress and television show host recently shared a useful tip on Instagram.
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the phrase “beauty is pain,” but there are certainly ways to avoid discomfort when it comes to fashion—and Drew Barrymore just provided an expert tip that will certainly help out others in that department.

The 48-year-old actress-producer revealed on Instagram on Tuesday that she in fact wears clip-on earrings on each episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, as regular earrings tend to hurt her ears. 

“I need clip-ons because my ear piercings hurt,” Barrymore stated. “My ear holes hurt. Why does that happen?” Plenty of the 50 First Dates star’s 17.5 million followers have clearly experienced a similar issue, as many chimed in to the comments section to either commiserate or provide potential solutions.

“My pierced ears hurt too and itch if I wear earrings! What is that 🙌❤️,” one person concurred.

“I use a little Neosporin on the earring post before putting them in and it helps tremendously,” a user suggested.

“I use rubbing alcohol for like two days and it works 😍,” someone else noted.

“If you spray your earrings with colloidal silver they create less reactions, I think it’s some kind of tiny bacteria...😍,” another fan offered.

“Maybe the earrings are too heavy,” an additional follower proposed.

In the video, Barrymore sported oversized gold clip-on earrings, the perfect statement accessory to compliment her mustard-colored blazer and cream top. She also accented her outfit with a pair of blue light-blocking glasses from her own brand, Flower by Drew Barrymore. The eyewear brand is available at Walmart and via Atol Mon Opticien.

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