Emma Chamberlain Expertly Blended Various Shades of Red in Latest Winter Look

The influencer put a new spin on the idea of monochrome.
Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain.

You’re all familiar with the idea of monochrome: wearing one shade from head to toe. Rather than trying to find pieces with colors that complement one another, lean into the whole matching thing. It can make dressing easier, and monochromatic outfits generally have a certain sleek quality to them that is harder to achieve otherwise.

But, sometimes we get too bogged down in the idea that all of our pieces have to match to a T—that there’s no room for varied shades and complementary colors. Emma Chamberlain has, in her simple, ever-fashionable way, proved us wrong in that regard.

Rather than going for an outfit composed completely of one shade, the social media influencer has just shown us that leaning into the idea of color families might be the better way to go.

To attend the Gucci fashion show during Milan Fashion Week, the 22-year-old stepped out in an outfit with pieces in various shades of red. Her short, oversized wool coat came in a deep, eye-catching burgundy. Meanwhile, her platform heels were a dark cherry patent leather to match her leather crossbody. Chamberlain’s glasses were yet another deep shade of red. Even her lipstick, which was applied expertly, featured a dark red liner filled in with a slightly lighter shade to match her dramatic eyeshadow.

The point is this: where monochrome is concerned, you don’t need to be so consumed with getting it perfectly right. Color families, in fact, rather than exact matches in shade, might be the way to go. But don’t listen to us, just take a look at Chamberlain’s Italian outfit for inspiration.

Martha Zaytoun


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