Emma Chamberlain Proves Eyeshadow to Match a Red Lip Is the Glam Look We Need to Embrace

The influencer is doing what she does best: inspiring us to embrace a moody and dramatic aesthetic.
Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain.

We all know and appreciate Emma Chamberlain’s ability to make us buy into any fashion or beauty trend that she starts or simply promotes. She is a mastermind of aesthetics, and—we have to admit—we all want to take a page out of her brilliant book.

Between her clothes (which never fail to have us searching the internet for similar styles) and her dramatic glam, we would happily build our look around the Chamberlain way. This includes, of course, the latest bit of makeup inspiration we’ve gotten from her Jan. 7 Instagram post.

In the pair of photos that she shared, Chamberlain was, as always, dressed in a quirky, but perfectly inspiring style, including a silver metallic skirt with red tights peeking out from beneath the waistband and a black baby tee. Simple, but somehow so inventive at the same time. But this time around, it was her glam, not her clothing, that caught our attention.

Paired with her just barely red lip was a touch of dramatic and moody, yet simultaneously vibrant red sparkly eyeshadow. We’ve been on the red lip train for a while, but dramatic eyeshadow seems reserved for red carpet events and the like. Unless you’re Chamberlain, that is. And since we’re into adopting her style as our own, we’re thinking we might just need to make the look a regular part of our routine. After all, we could always use a little bit more drama in our lives (makeup-wise, that is).

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Martha Zaytoun


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