The ‘Flawless’ Concealer That Beauty Influencer Nyma Tang Can’t Get Enough of

This seamless, full-coverage product has become an integral part of the vlogger’s everyday routine.
On the left, Nyma Tang poses in a teal sequined dress. On the right, there is a clear tube of Live Tinted HUESKIN Serum Concealer containing dark brown concealer.

Nyma Tang and Live Tinted HUESKIN Serum Concealer

Beauty influencer Nyma Tang is known for seeking out and finding the best products on the market, particularly for darker skin tones. And now, after much trial and error, she has finally perfected the “everyday makeup look that still leaves me like my glowy self—just a little bit elevated,“ she said in a recent Instagram reel.

In the clip, she walked through all of the products that go into her stunning, yet simple everyday glam. While all of the products seemed worth testing, we were particularly enamored with the first one she used: a creamy concealer that Tang declared herself obsessed with at the moment.

We know how hard it is to find a worthwhile concealer—one that provides seamless, lightweight, buildable coverage and matches our skin tones. Thus, understandably, we were struck by Tang’s high praise for Live Tinted HUESKIN Serum Concealer ($26). 

“I don’t know what secret sauce Live Tinted put into this concealer, but it has truly made me reject almost every other concealer right now,” she gushed. “I’ve just been obsessed with this concealer. It just looks like skin. The shade feels like it was perfectly made for me. It’s just flawless.”

Live Tinted HUESKIN Serum Concealer, $26 (

Not only does this concealer mask dark circles in the moment, it contains ingredients meant to brighten skin and lessen their appearance over time. Offering lightweight, full coverage and a wide range of shades, this is an optimal product to add to your rotation.

Tang’s recommendations have never led us wrong. Take her word for it and try the concealer that has made her rethink all of the others she has used.

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Martha Zaytoun


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