Gigi Hadid Just Brought Back This Y2K Print in the Most Unique Shade

Of the early 2000s trends, this might be one of our favorites.
Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid.

We will always regard the fashion trends of the early 2000s with a fondness. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia or a desire for those (relatively) simpler times, but regardless, the fact remains: we love to reminisce on the unique trends of the time.

While we don’t think each and every fad from the period will make a comeback—and perhaps that’s for the best—we have noticed that there are particular styles that have come back in vogue just about 20 years later. One such Y2K trend that has made somewhat of a return is cheetah print.

The vibrant pattern has slowly crept back into our current fashion lexicon, mostly in the form of vintage pieces and mob wife outfits. But, no matter the way it has returned, the fact remains: it’s making a comeback.

Gigi Hadid is one of the fashionable celebrities who is seeing to this fact. During her recent stint at Milan Fashion Week, the American model dressed up in her best strapless cheetah print bodysuit and high-waisted jeans, courtesy of the luxury label Versace, and posed for some photos ahead of her appearance on the brand’s runway.

The fact that it was cheetah print wasn’t the only eye-catching feature of the top. We were likewise struck by the color: the top came in a shade of red and black that made its Y2K print all the more glamorous.

If nothing else, Hadid’s glam outfit has proven returning to some of our childhood fashion choices isn’t the worst idea.

Martha Zaytoun


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