The Holiday or Date Night Up-Do Fit for Curly Hair, Courtesy of Kyra Santoro

The actress and model shared an elevated hairstyle suitable for your next big event.
Kyra Santoro wears her brown curly hair in a down-do and smiles for the camera.

Kyra Santoro.

We speak from personal experience when we say having curly hair can be a challenge. Carefully planned and executed up-dos are almost never on the agenda (too much time, too little patience), and we often spend plenty of time de-frizzing our curls before a night out.

But after watching actress and model Kyra Santoro’s latest elevated hairstyle, we have to say, we are feeling inspired. The California native has a full head of the most glamorous dark brown curls, and her up-do has us feeling like outfitting textured hair for a night out might not be so hard after all.

Her look, which she paired with a fabulous red silk dress, can be achieved in six easy steps.

1. Part, comb and clip the front of your hair

Santoro took the hair at the very top of her head (about an inch toward her crown and a few inches across), combed it and parted it down the middle. She then twisted it together and clipped it so that she could reach the rest.

2. Brush out your roots, leaving your curls alone

She then brushed out her face-framing pieces, flattening the hair that sat on her head and left the middle and ends of her curly strands alone.

3. Undo the clips and tie your hair up in a ponytail

Once she had smoothed the back half of her hair, she undid the clip and combined all the strands together, brushing it out again to rid the top of any bumps. She then tied it all up in a tight ponytail.

4. Gel the face-framing strands

To ensure that they stay (and to add a touch more sheen to her hair), Santoro applied a gel stick to the flyaways that framed her face.

5. Twist and clip your ponytail up

She then took a claw clip, twisted her ponytail and pinned it to the back of her head, arranging the curly ends so that they were visible on the crown of her head.

6. Add spray and defining gel

Santoro used a spray and a gel to give a little bit more crisp definition to the curls peeking up on top of her head. Use whatever products work best on your curls.

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Martha Zaytoun


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