How to Make a Statement With Winter Layers, According to Nicole Williams English

The model has cold-weather styling down to a science.
Nicole Williams English

Nicole Williams English.

When it comes to winter layers, styling is key. That might sound intuitive—after all, isn’t that the case no matter the season? Certainly to an extent, but winter calls for more layers than any other season, which likewise means more chances to get it wrong. It takes a particular kind of skill to ensure that each piece goes well together. Those who do it best can style outfits that the rest of us would never dream of throwing together.

Such was the case with Nicole Williams English’s latest Colorado look. Each individual piece that she chose was loud: camo pants, tan furry boots, a red hockey jersey. Perhaps loud enough that we never would have paired them all together in one look. But she did, and she looked good doing it.

She stepped out in Aspen, Colo., in the baggy pants, boots and bright red oversized jersey. Williams English paired the look with a tan beanie and a black leather jacket. Thankfully—for the sake of future winter layer inspiration—the model shared a carousel of photos of the outfit to her Instagram.

“Outfit is so good,” Sharina Gutierrez complimented the model in the comments.

“Only you can make that assortment of outfit pieces look good,” Jena Sims said, a sentiment that we wholeheartedly second.

It wasn’t the only great outfit that came out of her trip, either. Williams English likewise put her own fabulous spin on the classic Aprés-ski style that we’ve all come to know and love in recent years. As is often the case with iterations of the glamorous style, it was yet another example of the benefits of good layering.

All of this is to say, with Williams English as a guide, winter layering just got that much easier.

Martha Zaytoun


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