Josephine Skriver Brings Back ’90s Pleated Skirt and Knee-High Sock Style With Her Spot-On ‘Clueless’ Costume

The model nailed the Cher Horowitz look.
Josephine Skriver poses in a white dress in front of a brown backdrop.

Josephine Skriver.

Halloween is the holiday for bringing back classic, age-old favorite characters that will never really go out of style. Clueless may have been filmed in the ’90s, but we can guarantee that most young people today have seen it all the same. It’s a movie that bridges generations, and—for that same reason—makes for perfect, recognizable costume inspiration.

Danish model Josephine Skriver knows this to be true. Her weekend obligations included, as many people’s did, an opportunity to dress up in her best costume for a night of impersonating icons. For her, that meant dressing up as classic schoolgirl Cher Horowitz from Clueless. And, she absolutely nailed it, too.

Skriver donned a yellow-and-black plaid blazer and pleated skirt set over a white T-shirt and a deep yellow cardigan. She paired the garments with white knee-high socks, crafting an outfit almost identical to the main character in the classic ’90s romantic comedy.

“Make it fashion! #clueless,” Skriver captioned a TikTok she shared from her weekend night out on the town. In the short clip, she mouthed the words to a sequence from the film, then strutted toward the camera in classic Horowitz fashion.

The 30-year-old donned the ’fit to attend a celebrity Halloween party in Beverly Hills, Calif., alongside her husband, Alexander DeLeon. With Halloween still to come, we can’t yet declare a definitive winner of our unofficial costume competition. But, if one thing is for sure, Skriver is definitely in the running.

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Martha Zaytoun


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