Kamie Crawford Embraces Winter Whites Courtside at the Lakers Game

The model proves that the key to doing white after Labor Day right is all in the styling.
Kamie Crawford

Kamie Crawford.

When Kamie Crawford set out to put a glamorous outfit together for the Los Angeles Lakers game on Jan. 9, she didn’t plan to lean into winter whites. It just happened.

The television host had a half-baked vision. She knew she wanted to wear a darling pair of dark brown leather Tony Bianco boots and a (slightly different shade of) brown leather jacket. But she didn’t know exactly what would “go in between the jacket and the boots,” she admitted in a comical TikTok from the evening.

Crawford began with a pair of green camo cargo pants and a black long-sleeved top, but she wasn’t feeling it. She switched her top a couple of times before deciding that the pants weren’t working for her.

That’s when she pulled out the all-white ensemble. With a slightly sheer white turtleneck on top and a pair of white straight-leg cargo pants on the bottom, the 31-year-old was “much happier.” And she should’ve been—it was an expert tutorial in styling winter whites.

With the addition of the brown jacket and the boots, her outfit was complete. Crawford proved that successfully leaning into lighter colors in the colder months is all about styling. Add a darker, heavier coat and a winter boot and suddenly, an outfit that may have been seasonally ambiguous otherwise becomes the perfect wintertime look.

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Not us, and certainly not Crawford.

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Martha Zaytoun


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