Kamie Crawford’s Greek-Inspired Manicure Makes for the Perfect Vacation Look

The television host sported the best—and most fitting—nail art on vacation in Greece.
Kamie Crawford.

Kamie Crawford.

Television host and SI Swimsuit model Kamie Crawford was prepared for her current trip to Greece right down to her nail art. The 30-year-old is sporting a translucent white nail with the smallest evil eye detailing perfect for a trip to the picturesque Mediterranean country.

The small blue evil eye was painted at the very base of her nails, and, though small, is the best addition to her otherwise neutral nail look. In Greece, the evil eye is a popular symbol that can be found on clothing, jewelry and other household items all across the mainland and its islands. With that in mind, Crawford added the simple blue touch to her nails for her trip to Mykonos.

The TV personality has shared several series of photos to her Instagram throughout the trip—including beautiful photos of herself in a figure-hugging midi atop the classically white walls of the island—but it was her most recent post that really gave her nails the attention they deserved.

Crawford can usually be found sporting fabulous nail art, whether on vacation or on the red carpet. And her most recent display is no different—the evil eye adds just the touch of fun need to make the look unique and fit for a Greek escape.

Kamie Crawford.

Kamie Crawford.

The minimal nail design that Crawford is sporting—the neutral nail with a small pop of color at the base—is a recent favorite among all of the beauty icons we follow. So, whether taking a trip abroad or staying at home, consider following suit the next time you head to the nail salon.

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Martha Zaytoun


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