Kate Bock and Emily DiDonato Just Proved You Can Achieve the Perfect Curl With a Straightener or Curling Iron

Both models have mastered a glamorous look, but by using very different methods.
Kate Bock and Emily DiDonato

Kate Bock and Emily DiDonato.

While we love to preach beauty hacks and trends, at the end of the day, we know that every person is going to approach their routine differently. They may take bits and pieces of our advice, but their overall regimen is going to be uniquely theirs.

It’s only natural that it happens this way. Our skin and hair are bound to react differently to various products and techniques. Plus, beauty routines are all about trial and error, and once we get used to one technique, leaning into a new one isn’t easy.

Models Kate Bock and Emily DiDonato just learned that firsthand. We’re sure they knew it on an intuitive level, of course, but they just discovered by “accident” just how personalized beauty routines really are. The pair of friends just traveled to Aspen, Colo., for a work trip, which gave them the chance to acquaint themselves with one another’s “getting ready” routine.

While primping together, both opted for curly locks. But they achieved the same effect by different means, and took to TikTok to settle which method was better.

DiDonato used a straightening iron to achieve her exaggerated curls. She roughly straightened a strand first, then, beginning at the root, clamped her hair, flipped it over the iron and pulled the iron down toward her ends. “How this makes it curl is so confusing to me,” Bock said as DiDonato achieved the perfect curl in a strand of her hair.

Bock, on the other hand, used a curling iron and a classic technique. She took her iron, wrapped a strand of her hair around close to her crown and held it there for a few seconds. Then, she loosened the strand and shifted the iron down closer to her ends, curling for a few more seconds.

The result was the same: the perfect curl. But they achieved it with vastly different approaches. And, the two wanted to know which method is better. “Let’s settle this once and for all… straightener or curling iron?” Bock joked in the caption.

At the end of the day, the method doesn’t matter, as long as the look is up to standard.

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Martha Zaytoun


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