Kate Bock’s Current Manicure Is an Instant Winter Classic

The model has perfected seasonal nails with this simple, but vibrant shade.
Kate Bock

Kate Bock.

The holidays are behind us, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with the characteristic shade of red that comes with them. In fact, red was in long before the 2023 holiday season came around, and we’re going to go ahead and declare it’s still in now.

The winter calls for darker shades. We all know that. But darker doesn’t have to mean black, brown or gray. It simply means stay away from pastels and neon (or, at least, that’s how we’re choosing to interpret the seasonal style). That’s what makes red such an important shade to mix into your cold weather looks. It’s a bit darker, a bit moodier, but it still has that certain vibrancy that we all want in our outfits from time to time.

American model Kate Bock knows this. In fact, she’s seeing to it as we speak. The 35-year-old is currently rocking a bright red manicure that screams winter. It’s the kind of shade that might make for too much of a statement in the spring and summer, but makes for just the right amount of vibrancy in the winter.

Sure, we’re not exactly sure what shade the new mom used to achieve her fiery manicure, but we can approximate. To spice up your look in the cold weeks and months to come, opt for a red set of nails, and use this instant classic shade to achieve it:

OPI Nail Lacquer - Big Apple Red, $11.99 (amazon.com)

This is a classic shade from the hit nail polish brand, OPI. If you’re wanting to make a statement, this is certainly a way to do it.

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Martha Zaytoun


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