Kate Love Proves You Just Need This One Piece to Perfect Day-to-Night Spring Fashion

If you invest in a single garment this season, make it a silk maxi skirt.
Kate Love
Kate Love / Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Spring is here, and model Kate Love is ready. We have always appreciated the 36-year-old for her sense of style, but perhaps never more so now. Lately, the Canada native has been embracing the warmer weather and incorporating lighter layers and brighter tones into her wardrobe.

She has a style that we would describe as sleek and minimal, and her spring outfits thus far have been nothing but. Between matching knit sets and lightweight blazers, Love is proving herself to be an expert at seasonal dressing.

Her latest bit of everyday fashion is the perfect example. For an afternoon out, the model dressed up in what she declared a day-to-night outfit. She paired a simple white cropped tee with a pale blue silk maxi skirt for the perfect transitional outfit. With a small white shoulder bag and a simple pair of sandals, the model was ready for relaxed afternoon activity. Add a pair of heels and a jacket, and the outfit would have been perfect for an evening out. All you need to style a good seasonal transitional outfit, it seems, is a silk maxi skirt.

Love shared the outfit inspiration in a recent TikTok, adding to her growing collection of styling videos. While it was certainly one of our favorite recent looks from the model, it was far from the only one to catch our eye. All of her early spring fashion (like the below look) has been worthy of attention—and we’re happy to give it just that as we curate our own seasonal closet. For more inspiration, be sure to check out Love’s social media content.

Martha Zaytoun


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