Lorena Durán’s Tutorial Just Made Chic Beach Day-to-Night Style So Much More Achievable

Try out the model’s transitional style this summer for an easy look.
Lorena Durán
Lorena Durán / KENA BETANCUR/Getty Images

The summer season is all about versatile fashion. Your favorite lightweight linen dress might be an afternoon staple, but add high heels and a handbag, and you have yourself a night out look.

We never thought the same could be true of beachwear, but Lorena Durán just proved us wrong. In a recent Instagram tutorial, the Spanish model and her friend and fellow model, Jocelyn Corona, demonstrated just how to turn a casual beach day outfit into an elegant, sleek night out look.

Durán had on one of her favorite two-tone swimsuits from Monday Swimwear, a black linen top and black pants. Corona, for her part, wore a black one-piece and a white sarong. To turn it into a more sophisticated look, the models added a handful of chunky gold jewelry pieces. Durán’s picks included a braided gold necklace, a stack of bracelets and a pair of oversized hoops. To that, she added a mini black handbag from Jacquemus and a pair of chic black Prada sunglasses.

The resulting looks may not have been fit for the red carpet (they were just a touch too casual), but they were certainly right for a chic night out in a beach town. In any case, the pair proved that you don’t have to escape from the beach early to get ready for the evening—just add some elevated accessories, and you’re all set. Seasonal day-to-night style has quite simply never been easier.

Martha Zaytoun


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