A Manicure That Effortlessly Blends Classy and Cool, Brought to You by Shay Mitchell

The actress proved that you don’t have to forego one classic style for another.
Shay Mitchell poses in a denim jacket, oversized gold earrings and orange-tinted sunglasses.

Shay Mitchell.

There are a few manicures that we think will just forever and always be classic. They may see lulls in popularity, but they’ll never really go out of style.

One, of course, is the French manicure, an exceptionally classy nail trend that has been around as long as we can remember. Its beauty is in its simplicity: a touch of white polish on the tips of your nails and a clear, glossy finish on top.

The next one is a little more controversial: a simple black polished look. This is the sort of manicure that you either love or you hate, there’s no in between. Some people think it’s just a touch too moody or edgy for their styles—and that’s totally understandable. But others appreciate the dark, crisp look, and its ability to go with just about any outfit.

If you’re actress Shay Mitchell, you find a way to combine both styles. Or, at least, that’s just what she did for her recent photoshoot with Byrdie. The actress posed in a series of black, white and silver outfits, and had to dress up her nails to match, of course.

Rather than just picking from one or another of the classics, though, she opted for both. On one half of her long, square-tipped nails, she sported a classy French manicure. On the other half, she embraced some edge in the form of a moody black polish.

The manicure is simply unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and perhaps the most glamorous, too. We never would have come up with the look ourselves, but now that we’ve seen it, we simply can’t let it go. Catch us sporting something similar in no time.

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Martha Zaytoun


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