Martha Stewart, 82, Dishes on Her Approach to Cosmetic Procedures

The businesswoman shared exactly what she receives from her cosmetic dermatologist.
Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart often gets a lot of questions about Botox and other various cosmetic procedures. In the most recent episode of her podcast, The Martha Stewart Podcast, an iHeart media podcast, which featured Dr. Dan Belkin, her cosmetic dermatologist, the 82-year-old decided to address the online buzz.

She’s never been one to keep her beauty and health secrets to herself. Back in November, the television personality and businesswoman told People exactly what she did to prepare for her 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue cover photo shoot. In the months leading up to the gig, she “did Pilates three, maybe four times a week and did not have a drink—no alcohol whatsoever,” she told the magazine.

Much like her honesty with her approach to her physical health, Stewart isn’t shying away from candor when it comes to the beauty treatments she’s tried. In her conversation with Dr. Belkin, Stewart responded to the “many comments” that she receives online “about [her] face lift and who did it and when did [she] have it done and how much retouching is on the photograph.”

In response, Stewart noted that she has undergone muscle-relaxing injections, filler treatments and various skin-tightening procedures. The lifestyle guru said that while she doesn’t “think a lot about age,” she also doesn’t “want to look my age at all. And that’s why I really work hard at it.”

While we adore Stewart no matter what, we appreciate her transparency—and know her fans do, too.

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Martha Zaytoun


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