Martha Stewart Is Among the Most Stylish People of 2023, According to ‘The New York Times’

You could say the 82-year-old made a splash this year with her SI Swimsuit cover.
Martha Stewart poses in a silver floral top and strings of pearls and smiles for the camera.

Martha Stewart.

Earning a spot on The New York Times’ annual list of the “Most Stylish People” isn’t a feat that should be quickly disregarded. This year’s list named 71 people (and places) from a much larger group of celebrities and well-known names in the sports and entertainment industries and beyond.

The list included, among others, names like Beyoncé and Travis Kelce. It also threw in a few curveballs, such as Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina and The Sphere, the music and entertainment venue in Las Vegas (the publication included a disclaimer upfront that not all honorees were people—this one certainly isn’t, but it does have a personality of its own).

But the name that we were most excited to see as we scrolled through the lengthy list was Martha Stewart. The businesswoman has always been on our radar, as we practically grew up with her home decor tips emanating from our television screens. But, more importantly, she was the fabulous, history-making face of one of this year’s SI Swimsuit Issue covers at the age of 81.

Stewart turned heads with her cover, proving that age is just a number. But that’s something she’s clearly accustomed to at this point, as you don’t earn her level of fame and acclaim without turning heads year after year. We’ve always known Stewart to be stylish—in fact, we recognized as much with a roundup of her best fashion of the year earlier this fall—but we’re glad that now everyone else will recognize it, too.

Martha Stewart poses on the red carpet in a gold-accentuated gown.

Martha Stewart at the SI Swimsuit red carpet launch in New York City.

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Martha Zaytoun


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