Here’s Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s 3-Step Morning Facial De-Puff Routine

If you struggle with early morning puffiness, the workout and wellness leader has you covered.
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

When it comes to overall wellness, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg has all the tips and tricks you might need to feel your best each and every day. She may be best known for her platform, MWH, which famously offers versatile on-demand strength, yoga and meditation classes, but her social media platforms are worth exploration, too. 

The workout and wellness leader often takes to her Instagram and TikTok pages to share both motivational tidbits and tips as well as practical ideas for promoting both mental and physical health. Her latest clip is no exception. She took to Instagram recently to share her everyday three-step routine for de-puffing and reducing facial inflammation.

If you struggle with early morning puffiness, here are the simple steps that Wood-Tepperberg recommends for making a change. They will “not only wake up the face,” but "increase circulation, soften fine lines and lift and sculpt your face,” she said.

Step 1: Ice dunk

Fill a medium-sized bowl with ice and water. Place your face in the bowl and hold for a few seconds. She recommended dunking your face three times.

Step 2: Ice roller

Any version will do, but Wood-Tepperberg uses a product from The Skinny Confidential. She used it on her neck and cheeks, promising that it “brings down inflammation.”

Step 3: Gua sha

After applying oil on your neck and face, use your gua sha tool on your neck and face to promote lymphatic drainage. Push the tool up along your neck and cheekbones toward the top of your head, as Wood-Tepperberg did.

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