Molly Sims Says This Restorative and Deep Cleansing Shampoo Is ‘Insane’

The YSE Beauty founder knows a thing or two about quality products.
On the left, Molly Sims wears a tan blazer and smiles at the camera. On the right, there is a silver bottle of Kenra Clarifying Shampoo.

Molly Sims and Kenra Clarifying Shampoo.

For model Molly Sims, Sunday mornings call for self-care. Prior to applying her natural, everyday glam, the 50-year-old takes to the shower for a moment of cleansing and clarifying haircare. Her routine is simple, dependent on one quality product that she can’t recommend enough.

She uses

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

($35.99) as an integral piece of her simple Sunday self-care. The product is suitable for colored hair, brightening dull patches and boosting natural and artificial color.

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo, $35.99 (

Kenra’s deep-cleansing shampoo promises to brighten highlighted, bleached or gray hair.

On Oct. 9, the model took to her Instagram story to share her honest opinions about the shampoo. According to her, Kenra’s product is “insane,” a high recommendation from the model, who is somewhat of an expert when it comes to beauty and skincare products.

Sims is the founder of YSE Beauty, a company that prioritizes clean skincare products that highlight your natural features in order to amplify your appearance (rather than masking it with unnatural and over-the-top products). As such, we think we can take her word for it when she recommends a beauty product. So, whether you’re on the market for a new cleansing shampoo or not, the next time you step out to buy a bottle of shampoo, consider trying her go-to haircare cleanser. 

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Martha Zaytoun


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