Must-Follow Nail Artists Who Supply Endless Inspiration

These aren’t your average manicurists.
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The best part about nail art is that artwork essentially gets to live on your hands. Each nail bed is like a tiny canvas with endless opportunities for creation. Recently, more daring and innovative displays are popping up from nail artists globally than ever before. It’s unbelievable what can be created and the details that can be incorporated on such little surface area. Full of intrigue, we turned to professional nail artist Sydney Beggins for her recommendations of who to look to for the most unique designs and creative inspiration.

Beggins personally draws creative inspiration from all of her surroundings, whether it be cars in passing or ornate wallpaper. “Anything I see has the possibility of being on nails,” she says, noting that this process usually entails taking a photo of something and then recreating a small portion of it. “I’ll go for a macro zoom and then get to work.” In similar fashion, the nail artists below prove that nail art is a true craft and has few limits.


If you’ve ever wondered who is the brains behind 2022 SI Swimsuit cover model Megan Thee Stallion’s museum-worthy nails, it’s Coca Michelle. Michelle serves up some of the most creative sets we’ve ever seen and is certainly hot-girl certified.


Originally from London, Melissa Samuel has worked on campaigns with Moschino, Brandon Blackwood and more, known for introducing the ‘mix n match’ French tip style that has been a prominent trend for quite some time now. She is also known for her unique approach to 3D designs, often incorporating jewels and pearls.


Self-taught and based in Paris, Bad Girls Good Nails is the uncontested winner when it comes to gel designs. Each set is hand-painted with the utmost attention to detail, whether that be a futuristic chrome finish or her signature glossy water-like droplets.

About the Expert: Sydney Beggins received her New York State Specialty Nail License from Christine Valmy Beauty School this spring, following her withdrawal from the Fashion Institute of Technology to pursue her passion for nails professionally. You can check out Beggins’s work here.

Elizabeth Wentwoth


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