The Nail and Lip Combo Calling Your Name This Season, Brought to You by Olivia Culpo

The model tried on the classic glam for size, and we are feeling inspired.
Olivia Culpo poses in a black velour top, diamond earrings and edgy eye makeup and smiles softly for the camera.

Olivia Culpo.

When it comes to glam, there are a few styles that you can opt for that will almost never lead you astray, no matter the season. Of course, if they have some sort of timely significance, it will only serve to make the look that much better. For example, a red lip is a good choice no matter the time of year. But a red lip during the holidays? Even better.

Olivia Culpo knows that. In fact, she proved it to be true in her latest Instagram selfies. The model posed at the dinner table in her collared cream shirt and oversized gold hoop earrings, and put her choice of glam on full display. She didn’t just leave it at a red lip, though. To the ever classic look, she added another glam staple that we’ve been talking about for months now: the creamy vanilla manicure.

Though simple, vanilla nails are—in our book—a fresh take on some more standard styles. You could always swing for a French manicure, but sometimes you want something with a bit more of a pop. Vanilla nails will give you that, but in an unobtrusive way. In other words, they’ll go with all of your ’fits without stealing the show.

Again, Culpo knows this. The manicure was, after all, an integral part of her classic night-out look. Her dinner style saw her embracing all the classic, glamorous glam trends, and proving that maybe—just maybe—we should, too.

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Martha Zaytoun


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