New York Dermatologist Dr. Bhanusali Reveals the Best Time to Start Botox

The board-certified doctor is the founder of Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery, Aesthetica Skin Lab and Skin Medicinals.
Dr. Bhanusali.

Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali.

New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali is divulging when it’s the right time to start Botox, and the secret is that it has nothing to do with age. The board-certified doctor is the founder and lead dermatologist at the Hudson Dermatology and Laser Surgery center and the owner of Aesthetica Skin Lab, both located in Manhattan. He also created digital prescription platform Skin Medicinals in 2019 to improve access to affordable topical medications and connect patients with board-certified skincare experts.

“The question we always get asked is, ‘How early is it for Botox?’ I always tell people it’s when you’re ready, A, and then B, static wrinkles are a thing—so if you start seeing those wrinkles at rest [it might be time],” he tells SI Swimsuit. “It’s O.K. to have wrinkling when you’re moving your face or making facial expressions, but if they start kind of creeping in while you’re not doing that, it’s time to start.”

The Michigan State University alumnus admits that he’s been seeing a trend in starting Botox too soon—and the “right” time varies from person to person.

“I think people often go too early. I tell them to wait, wait, wait, because you don’t need it. We see [and treat patients in their] late twenties, early thirties—depending on even ethnic variants [and] certain skin types,” he explains. “The idea [is that] we can always treat it if we’re patient, but again, if you get to that point where it’s starting to break down, the collagen is breaking down too much, then we have to sometimes intervene.”

Dr. Bhanusali is also the dermatologist behind celebrity skincare brands Rhode (Hailey Bieber) and 86 Elm (Martha Stewart).

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