The Organic Dewy Face Stick That Ellie Thumann Uses to Achieve a Glowy Finish

A skincare-forward beauty product for prioritizing your glow.
On the left, Ellie Thumann poses in a white dress, diamond necklace and slicked back hair. On the right, there is a white tube of Ogee Sculpted Face Stick.

Ellie Thumann and Ogee Sculpted Face Stick.

As we age, not only does prioritizing skincare become more and more important, but using beauty products made from the best clean ingredients that the market has to offer becomes increasingly necessary. While we should always care about the ingredients in the products that we put on our skin, the idea becomes even more apparent with age.

Model and social media influencer Ellie Thumann knows this to be true. For this reason, she has incorporated a certain clean product into her beauty routine that we can’t wait to try. On Oct. 18, the 21-year-old shared on her Instagram story the clean key to a glowy finish in her daily routine: Ogee’s

Sculpted Face Stick


Not only does the stick produce the enviable dewy finish characteristic of Thumann’s day-to-day glam, but it promises to nourish your skin at the same time. Made with 83 percent organic ingredients, the hydrating and anti-aging stick is safe for continuous use—and is even beneficial to your skin.

Ogee Sculpted Face Stick, $58 (

Marketed as a “blendable buildable glow enhancer,” this face stick, which comes in 10 different shades, provides the touch of color and shine you need in your everyday beauty routine.

No matter the occasion—from New York Fashion Week to an afternoon of errands—Thumann herself is always sporting a glowy finish. And with Ogee, she is sure to achieve one without causing harm to her skin. So, follow her lead and snag a tube of Ogee’s finest glow enhancer—your skin will thank you.

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Martha Zaytoun


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