Sara Sampaio Combines Several of Our Favorite Recent Trends in a Glamorous All-Denim Onesie

The model’s spin on popular fashion is serving as major fall inspo.
Sara Sampaio.

Sara Sampaio.

All-denim looks are in according to our SI Swimsuit talent. Many of our favorite models have sported the chicest denim-heavy looks over the past few months, from jeans and jean jackets to denim dresess and more. Now, Sara Sampaio has officially put her stamp of approval on the style.

The model shared a series of photos to her Instagram on Sept. 6 featuring the incredible outfit. Her denim pick was, like many others, unique. Sampaio combined several of our favorite recent trends in one, donning an all-denim onesie with a fabulous light blue paisley print stitched across the whole look. We never thought we’d see the day when the onesie simultaneously took a denim and paisley turn, but the 32-year-old is here to prove that just about anything is possible high fashion-wise.

Many of Sampaio’s 6.8 million followers proclaimed their support in the comment section of the post, praising her appearance.

“You‘re absolutely stunning 💖💖💖,” one fan said. While many couldn’t get enough of her hair—which was fair, it looked incredible—we still can’t get over the outfit.

Both the fashion onesie and paisley have been recent trends that we fully support, but the addition of the denim material takes both to a whole new level in our book. With fall coming, we look forward to more unique jean styles coming into play. For now, Sampaio’s recent look is serving as the best inspiration.

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Martha Zaytoun


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