The Simple $9 Balm That Former College Athlete Ally Courtnall Depends on to Soothe Her Lips

The multi-use moisturizer is an ideal option for relieving dry skin.
On the left, Ally Courtnall poses in a green and white dress and oversized silver hoops. On the right, there is a green metal tin of Bag Balm Skin Moisturizer.

Ally Courtnall and Bag Balm Skin Moisturizer.

The fall season and the accompanying cold weather call for evenings by the fire and our best seasonal fashion. But, if you’re prone to sensitive skin—and even if you’re not—it can also mean dry and cracked hands and lips.

While high-end lip balms and glosses may be well-fit for a summer night out, fall and winter might call for a heavier duty product. If that’s the case, former college athlete and 2021 Swim Search finalist Ally Courtnall has the solution that you might be looking for.

On Oct. 23, she shared a snap of her go-to lip balm on her Instagram story. She uses a heavy duty moisturizer, fit for any area of your skin that might be in need of hydration and care. According to her, the balm “feels really soothing,” making it the perfect pick for those seeking relief from dry skin.

Bag Balm Vermont’s Original Skin Moisturizer, $8.99 (

The moisturizer is fit for use on any part of your skin, from your hands to your lips. Bag Balm comes in three different sizes, perfect for use at-home or on the go.

If the colder weather tends to pose a problem for you and your skin (or, if you’re just looking for a simple, effective moisturizing balm to add to your skincare rotation), try this inexpensive must-have.

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Martha Zaytoun


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