Sixtine’s Expert Tips for Achieving the Perfect Cool Girl, Curtain Bang Long Haircut

Show this TikTok to your hairdresser to get a look just like the model’s.
Sixtine wears a cream lace-trimmed dress and her hair in a soft wave.


Followers can’t help asking American model Sixtine about her current hairstyle—and we can’t blame them at all. The 25-year-old has rocked her fabulous bangs for a while now, but they got a little upgrade in mid-September and her fans want to know how she achieved her effortless, layered look.

In a casual “let’s catch up” question and answer session that she shared to her Instagram story recently, one of her followers asked, “If I want a similar hair cut as you, what should I ask for?” Sixtine pointed the fan in the direction of her TikTok hair update from her most recent salon visit. In the short clip, her hairdresser explained the process for crafting the textured cut.

1. A healthy trim on the ends

Her stylist, Lee, began by ridding her hair of dead ends, trimming off the bottom few inches to promote a healthier appearance and hair growth.

2. Cut an “exaggerated layer”

While keeping the ends full, her stylist cut an “exaggerated layer,” a technique that he assured any hairdresser will understand. The resulting style will be both textured, voluminous and “Victoria’s Secret-esque,” Lee said. “That’s what I asked for,” Sixtine joked.

3. Trim the bangs

Lastly, Sixtine’s stylist trimmed her bangs to promote growth, much like her ends. He cut them to be “more flattering for her face shape,” he explained. With the length and cut, she can style them both as classic bangs—straight across her forehead—or curtain bangs—combed to the sides of her head, framing her face.

Though Sixtine doesn’t understand the whole process that goes into cutting her hair, she promised that if you “save this [video] and show it to your hairdresser next time you go in for a cut,” you, too, can achieve the beautifully textured look she sports.

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Martha Zaytoun


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