This Comfy Streetwear Makes for Emily DiDonato’s Favorite Fashion Trend of the Year

The model expertly blends cozy and chic with this simple look.
Emily DiDonato
Emily DiDonato / Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Model Emily DiDonato has spoken. We may be only halfway through the year, but she is already convinced that she’s found her favorite fashion trend of 2024—and it’s more simple than you might think.

The best trend that fashion has to offer this year, according to the model, is “sleepwear as daywear,” she wrote in a recent Instagram post. The style is exactly what it sounds like: find your favorite pair of pajamas (a shorts and tank set, a pants and long-sleeved look, etc.), throw it on and dress it up.

Her look in the video is the quintessential “model off-duty” style, but with a unique day-to-night twist. We’re used to thinking of transitional pieces the other way around—what casual afternoon looks can we turn into sleek night-out outfits with the addition of a certain jacket, or different shoes or particular accessories? But the sleepwear as daywear trend inverts that.

To achieve the style, DiDonato took a classic blue pinstripe pajama set (a simple button-up top and long pants), added a white purse, some white fashion sneakers and a necklace. And suddenly, instead of a cozy nighttime set, she had herself a chic streetwear look. Simple as that.

“Tell me I’m wrong 💤,” she dared her followers in the caption of her post—and not one did. Rather, her following expressed overwhelming support for the look, and we don’t blame them. With the sleepwear as daywear trend, DiDonato achieved a look that was both comfy and chic (an often difficult feat).

Martha Zaytoun


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