This Ultra-Chic Model-Approved Hairstyle Is Perfect for Summer

Vita Sidorkina walked through the up-do in a recent Instagram post.
Seasonal up-do.
Seasonal up-do. / Miljko/Getty Images

Styling the best summer hairdos requires a delicate balance between aesthetics and practicality. You want it to look sleek and sophisticated without taking too much time. And you want to ensure that you pull enough hair back that the seasonal heat doesn’t get you down.

It’s not always easy to pull off all of those things at once, but model Vita Sidorkina just made it a little bit more so. The 30-year-old recently took to Instagram to share a hairstyle that she has declared “so perfect for summer, so feminine [and] so girly.” While you could clip a bow into any half up-do, Sidorkina recommended curls to accompany the accessory. “We need a little bit of volume” to go with the bow, she said in the video.

In the remainder of the clip, the model walked through how she achieved the cute hairdo. The process is simple: start by curling your hair. Sidorkina recommended spraying it with hairspray to ensure that the curls stay in place. She then separated a few face-framing pieces from the remainder of her hair and pulled the rest into a half up-do. Taking a brush, the model smoothed back her hair to rid it of any bumps. She then pulled the hair into a ponytail. Taking a bow with a clip attached, Sidorkina pinned it to the top of her ponytail, above the hairband.

The resulting look is not overly complex, but intensive enough to give a little sophistication to your summer look.

Martha Zaytoun


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