Jena Sims’s Trainer Shares the Model’s Gym Routine

The mom and entrepreneur stays consistent no matter the season or occasion.
Jena Sims
Jena Sims / Adam Cairns-USA TODAY Network

For model Jena Sims, her at-home workout routine has stayed relatively consistent over the past few years. But, according to her trainer Olivia Figueroa, there are a few areas that they focus in on ahead of a big event.

Particularly, ahead of any modeling gigs or the like, her trainer gives her more exercises that target her “glutes, core and thighs,” Figueroa said in a recent Instagram video.

“The leg press, glute drive and cables are our favorite machines,” Figueroa explained, “and she’s definitely not afraid to be challenged with heavy weight.”

Sims’s routine is a mix of machine movements, weighted standing moves and Pilates-style mat exercises. For those smaller, more precise mat movements, her trainer likes to “throw in heel raises, ankle weights and different balls,” she said.

The model’s goals don’t change based on what she’s training for. Her motivation, like her routine, has stayed consistent over the years. She wants to “build muscle and burn fat, while maintaining a strong and lean physique,” Figueroa remarked.

Her trainer’s plan for Sims revolves around the following principles: weights, small precise movements, sleep and nutrition, consistent workouts and proper splits.

In the past, the 35-year-old has detailed the exact set that she depends on for toning her glutes. It includes reps on the glute drive machine, weighted lunges using a Bosu balance trainer, weighted bench knee drives and seated leg presses.

No matter the season or the circumstances, you can bet Sims is taking advantage of her at-home gym.

Martha Zaytoun


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