Katie Austin Says This One Standing Move Will Strengthen Your Whole Body and Improve Stability

This tip, courtesy of the fitness instructor, is definitely worth checking out.
Katie Austin was photographed by James Macari in Montenegro
Katie Austin was photographed by James Macari in Montenegro / James Macari/Sports Illustrated

California-based fitness instructor Katie Austin is an expert when it comes to curating worthwhile gym routines. Following her Division I college lacrosse career, the 30-year-old picked up strength training for herself. Soon after, she started sharing her content with a growing following. Now, Austin is the founder of her own fitness platform, which boasts hundreds of on-demand classes, ranging from cardio and strength to stretching.

That’s why, when it comes to expert fitness routines and accompanying demonstrations, we rely on Austin’s social media content. This week, the Virginia native was back with her “New Move Monday” series—and it’s definitely worth incorporating into your routine.

In the clip, she combined a back lunge, leg lift and reverse fly into one weighted movement that she promised would “strengthen your whole body [and] improve your stability.”

“Trying to improve your balance & stability while getting your whole body stronger?” Austin asked in the caption of the post. “Try today’s New Move Monday: Back Fly to Hammer Press + Lunge to Kickback. Grab a pair of medium-heavy weights & I promise you’ll see the transformation in no time!!”

If you’re looking for more of a challenge after you’ve tried this latest move, be sure to check out the fitness instructor’s other content. In addition to her social media posts, you can subscribe to her platform for just $9.99/month. The membership will give you access to all of her guided fitness classes, her curated recipes and her various wellness programs.

Martha Zaytoun