This Combo Exercise Move Will Effectively Tone and Strengthen Your Abs and Glutes

This latest workout, courtesy of Katie Austin, is worth incorporating into your fitness routine.
Katie Austin was photographed by Ben Watts in Portugal.
Katie Austin was photographed by Ben Watts in Portugal. / Ben Watts/Sports Illustrated

Katie Austin’s latest “New Move Monday” was released yesterday, and we are ready to drop everything in order to hit the gym and try it out. Like many of the other exercise moves that she has demonstrated in the series, this latest installment is a combo, meaning it targets multiple areas of the body at once.

Better yet, it is an abs and glutes combo, two of the muscle groups that many people like to give the most attention to. In a video that the California-based fitness instructor posted to Instagram, she demonstrated what she called a “dynamic plank leg lift to cross climber.”

To set up for the move, Austin came into a high plank position on her mat. She then performed the move, which combined a regular high plank with a cross-body mountain climber and a Spiderman plank.

Austin promised that the move will “fire up your booty AND abs,” sculpting “your obliques, rectus abdominis, glutes, and more” at the same time. “Trust me, you’ll thank me tomorrow for the burn!” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

In addition to her “New Move Monday” series, the former Division I athlete frequently posts versatile and effective exercise routines on her social media accounts. The sets range from weighted to bodyweight and target everything from your abs to your full body. If you’re loving her social media teasers, be sure to check out her fitness platform, where she has hundreds of on-demand exercise classes available for just $9.99 per month.

Martha Zaytoun


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