11 Pieces of Life Advice From Model Ashley Graham

The mom of two just shared some inspirational quotes—and we’re so glad she did.
Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham.

While scrolling on TikTok recently, American model Ashley Graham came across some important words of wisdom. She found a creator who asked her followers to comment their favorite pieces of advice, and then scrolled through the comments to tease out her own favorites from the bunch.

Rather than keeping them to herself, though, the SI Swimsuit star decided to share them with her own followers—and we’re really grateful she did. The following 11 tidbits are some of the important takeaways that Graham gleaned from the important video—both in her own words and those of the original commenters.

  1. Never be too stingy with compliments.
  2. When a friend is upset, ask if they want to talk about it or be distracted from it.
  3. Comparison is the death of confidence.
  4. You will never have this version of yourself again, slow down and be with her.
  5. If you’re not going to be upset by something in five years, limit yourself to five minutes of anger or frustration.
  6. You’re allowed to want more out of life, while still appreciating where you’re at.
  7. Don’t take advice from people who aren’t living the life you want to live.
  8. It’s O.K. to let people go. Even people you’ve known for a really long time and people who you really love. If they cause you pain, let them go.
  9. Emotions are valid, but behavior is important.
  10. Never make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.
  11. Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from. 

If you’re looking to make material changes in your life or your outlook, consider starting with the tidbits of wisdom above.

Martha Zaytoun


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