Alexis Ren Shares the Unexpected Beauty Product That Totally Changed Her Skin Texture

The social media influencer and model filmed a video with the iconic ‘Vogue’ Beauty Secrets.
Alexis Ren.

Alexis Ren.

Alexis Ren made her Vogue beauty secrets debut on May 26 and shared her combination skincare routine and walked viewers through a “Face-Lifting Romantic Makeup” tutorial.

She began her routine by washing her face and using a single-use Clean Towel ($10) made of 100% eucalyptus viscose and sold at the

“They are biodegradable. They are a wonderful company,” Ren said of the bacteria-free method of drying your face. “I’ve been really stoked. It has changed my skin much softer now.”

She also likes to use gua sha for water retention and target some pressure points on her face if she has a headache.

“I keep going and massaging until it becomes a little red because I know there’s movement in the fluids,” she explained, demonstrating on her skin and dragging the tool down her neck. “I bring it all the way down and I can feel it pop which is kind of weird.”

Ren, who was a social media influencer before the term was as common as it is today, built her platform on aesthetic travel content. She now has 17.7 million Instagram followers and is the founder of the We Are Warriors online community for women.

“I learned how to do my makeup on YouTube in the early 2000s,” the 26-year-old said. “I still think, to this day, beauty is meant to bring out who you are, not cover. We’re all artists to an extent, whether you’ve unlocked that in yourself or not. For me, makeup is one of those artistic releases.”

Shop more of Ren’s skincare products below.

Mario Badescu Cleansing Oil, $16 (

Ren begins her routine with this oil cleanser to remove any dirt and makeup and give her face a fresh and clean base for following products.

Sonia Dakar Organic Omega Oil, $58 (

“I put it on sunburns. I put it on scrapes,” she explained. “You can put it anywhere.”

Ilia C Beyond Triple Serum SPF 40, $64 (

Ren said this is her favorite sunscreen and she uses it everyday.

“It’s very oil-based, which I love,” she added. “And of course put it on your neck and chest.”

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