Alexis Ren Shares Pro Tip for Manifesting Goals and Improving Mindset

The We Are Warriors founder shared some great advice on TikTok.
Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren.

Alexis Ren is a mental health advocate. As the founder of We Are Warriors, Ren’s platform offers educational resources for mental well-being, and the one-time SI Swimsuit model often provides thoughtful wellness tips on social media.

In a Feb. 1 TikTok post, the 26-year-old shared some incredible insight on manifestation. Ren noted that she recently came to a “deeper understanding” of the power of positive thought.

She stated that when we get excited for something new, like a job, and it doesn’t pan out, we tend to feel let down. Ren then shared how she’s started to instead reframe potential opportunities in a positive light.

“There’s been a slight switch that’s been happening in my life, where when an opportunity comes, maybe like a new campaign comes along that I’m on option for, instead of getting attached to the outcome, whether or not it happens, I’ve been saying to myself, ‘Thank you for showing me that that’s possible,’” she said.

Ren went on to say that developing that mindset allows her to no longer be attached to whether not she gets the job, but instead be grateful for the chance.

“From that perception of things, I continue feeling good,” she shared. “And then I don’t get crazy let down by opportunities that pass me by. So if you’re in a place right now where things are coming into your life but not sticking, look at it from that perception.”

Ren suggested celebrating those opportunities as they come rather than focusing on the outcome.

“Let that be the success of it, and that way you’ll stay in that higher vibration to attract more,” she said.

In May 2021, Ren told Glamour UK that she manifested her mental health platform into reality.

“Three years ago in 2018, I was writing in my notes on my phone that I wanted to create a mentorship community. I didn’t even know what I was thinking of. I was slowly manifesting it,” she stated. “I didn’t realize what it was. I just knew that I wanted a way to connect to girls and actually help them, to actually teach them, and not just preach to them.”

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