Alix Earle Announces New Podcast ‘Hot Mess’ With Alex Cooper’s Unwell Network

The Miami-based TikTok influencer’s project premieres on Thursday, Sept. 21.
Alix Earle.

Alix Earle.

It girl Alix Earle is giving fans exactly what they have been begging for... more Alix Earle. The TikTok star, who has gained 5.8 million followers over the past few years through her chatty “get ready with me” videos and chaotic college student (now fresh grad) content, just announced her newest project. The Hot Mess podcast, created with OG iconic podcast host Alex Cooper’s Unwell network, premieres this Thursday. The Call Her Daddy host, who recently got engaged to producer Matt Kaplan, is “passing the mic” on to the University of Miami graduate.

“Episode 1 drops September 21 🔥,” the official Hot Mess IG account announced on Friday, Sept. 15, in a joint post with Earle’s personal IG account.

The cover photo featured a close-up of the 22-year-old with smudged mascara and false eyelashes falling down her face. A hot pink hairbrush was stuck in her blonde locks along with a Cheeto.

“Alex Cooper and Alix Earle?! The duo we have all been waiting for. I am HERE for this,” one fan wrote.

The account also shared posts that teased “What happens after she gets ready?” and “Do I have a boyfriend...?”

The show will be a vlog-style podcast with video, but can also function as an independent audio. Earle will film episodes from her apartment in Miami, and take listeners through daily activities, nights out, morning debriefs, influencer gigs and more. She will essentially treat the project like a FaceTime call—basically a long-form version of her viral and well-loved TikTok content.

“A lot of people have said to me that they think I should do a reality TV show or they want to see more of my life. I feel like this podcast is going to be a way for me to produce a show of my own,” she told WSJ magazine. “I’m not really going to be interviewing people. I just want it to be more about my life, what I’m doing. On TikTok, I only have three minutes, so I don’t really get to fully explain what I’m doing, where I’m going or what’s really going on in my personal life. I’m gonna have my friends and my family [on the show.]”

She added that the first episode will be with four of her best girlfriends in Miami.

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