Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Praised Taylor Swift for This Surprising Act in Post-Season Interview

She won over the team with this (literally) sweet gesture.
Andy Reid and Taylor Swift

Andy Reid and Taylor Swift.

It’s official: Andy Reid is a Swiftie. He may not have uttered those exact words in his recent interview on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, but the praise that he had for the pop sensation made it clear that he’s a big fan.

Not only did the Kansas City Chiefs head coach—who just led his team and Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, to a second consecutive Super Bowl title—call the musician “grounded,” but he went so far as to say that “she might be the most famous woman in the world.”

It was high praise from the longtime professional football coach, who had numerous encounters with Swift throughout the course of this past football season. She started attending Chiefs games back in the fall, soon after she began dating Kelce. “I think it’s a great escape for her,” Reid said of her game attendance. “She can come in, and she sincerely enjoys the games.”

But the relationship between Swift and the Chiefs hasn’t simply been beneficial for the hit musician, according to the coach. It has also brought some unexpected benefits for the team. “She likes to cook, so she made the offensive linemen these homemade Pop-Tarts,” Reid recalled. “So, it was over. She knew right where to go,” he joked.

Although the coach didn’t get one—and thus couldn’t attest to their taste—we have no doubt that they were good. After all, if the offensive linemen didn’t want to share them with their coach, they must’ve been too good to pass up.

Martha Zaytoun


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