Angel Reese Shares Her Approach to Manifestation As Newest Cover Model for ‘Women’s Health’

The LSU basketball player uses vision boards to organize her aspirations for the year.
Angel Reese

Angel Reese.

The “Teamwork” issue of Women’s Health is out, and Angel Reese is featured front and center. The LSU basketball star linked up with the staff to discuss her whirlwind 2023 and the stock she places in her manifestation practice.

Reese isn’t the first person to announce that she uses yearly vision boards to map out her goals and aspirations for the year, but she might just be the one with the highest success rate.

Last year was a major one for Reese. Between winning the NCAA national championship alongside her LSU teammates, significantly growing her NIL portfolio and posing for the SI Swimsuit issue, 2023 was, for Reese, a testament to the power of manifestation. “I had high hopes, and I manifested a lot of great things,” she told the publication.

According to the cover story, the 21-year-old athlete starts each year with a vision board. This year was no different, although, admittedly, she needed “to find something bigger” for this year’s canvas, she said in her interview with Women’s Health.

While it remains to be seen exactly what the year has in store for her, we have no doubt it will be impressive and inspiring. It starts, most likely, with a solid showing in March, and the chance to defend her team’s national championship trophy. Beyond that, Reese’s plans where basketball is concerned aren’t clear, according to the cover story. Whether she goes to the WNBA draft or returns to LSU, we have no doubt Reese will continue to impress.

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Martha Zaytoun


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